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Starting with something I don't use

Made for a friend's baby on the way that will undoubtly get teethed on

Details are nice

Still Home

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I am so cute! Don't send me back to the pound!



Summer Blackberries

A Quick Tour With Some Repeats


Oy Vey, sorry about the repeats–I have no memory of already having done this. Wow. Crap. Oh Well, there is at least one or two new pics…Can’t wait to see you all. xoxo A





No, I am not talking about sex; c’mon we have kids and they want to make sure we never have sex again. OK, OK, TMI!!!

So we are in Berlin enjoying our stay, spending WAAAY too much money but hey, you only live once. Not too much of a story to tell yet but here is a licture to whet your appwtite.

Lots of love from the Zimmer-Diamonds

T – 3

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How did this happen? Packers are coming today. Sports day–pretty fun. Raining a lot now and GHANA won its first game in the world cup. Next Ghana game we are in Berlin.

I am getting sad, OH! The kids are so sweet here. I am sad for Sarah and Allegra to leave their little womb of a school and their inclusive friends.

Excited for Europe and hugs from all of you.

Sarah and Cayley at a good-bye party last night

Jeff at Gillian's good-bye party

I am not good at good-byes, I rather like to sneak out and write later.

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