Jeff's Glee Club


Yahhhhhhhhh, tooooooooo, LOOOOOOOOOOOOve

Hey there! How did an entire school year become 2 weeks? We sold my bike, so I’ve been hoofing lately. You know what I notice? That some cars swerve into the oncoming lane to get a second look at me…always carrying a stuffed book bag, sometimes carrying coffee with cream in a jar, a second bag on my back. Sometimes I am running, sometimes I have spaghetti straps, I must look really interesting.

For the past three weeks, the Physical Therapy Center has been putting on a second floor. 6-7 guys are out there mixing cement from rocks and sand, then hauling up a pulley system (an official one–made of aluminum and and electric pull) to the second floor. NO cement truck and pump however. It is shallow pailful by shallow pailful.

So, what do you want pictures of before we no longer have the opportunity to take them?