Leaving is hard. Jemima (a CS teacher and yearbook teacher) came up to me yesterday and said, “I just can’t believe it. Jeff knows the system so well. He has really got this place up and running…” 

I just learned my first Ghanaian Dance. I am in love with Makola Market. I could go everyday, and would if I lived nearby. I have two reliable taxi drivers. And yet, there are signs leading toward home: No water twice this week, Only about half the lights and half the a/c’s work in our house, Allegra’s favorite teacher just announced she is taking a post at a private school near her house in Charleston, SC and will also be leaving LCS in June, Last Monday, Dan T. (one of my classroom roommates and 6th grade teachers) was in a scooter accident at the 4 way stop that has had its lights out for 5 months near school and broke his collar bone, and Tuesday morning, Glenn, the partner to our primary school coordinator, was in a very bad motorcycle accident (the traffic cop told him to proceed, but the SUV didn’t follow the traffic cop’s plan). Glenn has a broken hip, a fractured hip, and a broken collar bone. But the worst part, is that Glenn, a former EMT, has a crushed foot. He knew before the surgeon that is was inoperable. The decision he, his parents, and his partner made, to remove his leg and foot below the knee to allow him to have the most active life, has set us all reeling. His surgery to us, is not unlike field surgery, he can not be transported. So, under the care of some fine Ghanaian surgeons he goes. He is probably in able hands. But what about the hospital conditions? No A/C, public, who knows about physical therapy, possibility of infection, what about the water? At the moment, all in the know are absolutely positive that he is in the place he should be and we are told he and Rebecca are in good spirits. OY. Healing prayers are needed and being given all around. The three school counselors are taking shifts with Glenn and Rebecca at the hospital. 

I will miss the kids horribly. I will miss riding my bike every morning, no matter how early, and not being cold. I will miss teaching humanities. I will miss knowing I can pop in on my hubby and/or kids any time of the day. I will miss taking taxis (I HATE  don’t like TO DRIVE). 

I look forward to Peet’s coffee, fresh food, thrift shopping, and clean air. Oh and being close to you all. 

Happy Weekend (It is a three dayer for us) A