We love Egypt! The order of events went like this: Cairo Museum, Giza, pyramids, and Sphinx, Sharm El Shek and the Red Sea. I’ll let the pictures and their captions speak for themselves. I can’t wait to return, the Red Sea is the most amazing snorkeling site! The girls are certified open water divers! Not Too B.A.D. for 11 and 15! One funny story is that we were offered 4,000 camels for Sarah…it took a minute, but we came to our senses and decided we loved having her shopping bills so much, we’d hold out for double. xo A
collage from Egypt
Here are the videos from our trip to Egypt. Click on the links on the bottom right corner of each video to get them to play if they don’t play on the blog page.

Cairo 1

Allegra tries an apple flavored hookah

Cairo 4

This is the REAL thing!

Going Down

These guys guarded the Pyramids--but not Sarah


Don't look Aunt Nancy

this is the sarcaphagas inside the sarcaphagus inside the sarcaphagas, etc...

More Guards

oh la la

oh la la la

oh la la la la

Scuba Babe