Reap What You Sow

Tet Beads

To these pictures you will need to add the following: imagine a nice road, two lane, heading out of town. The nice road ends for no apparent reason and becomes red rubble. After a half mile or so, you come to a pile of tires about 5 feet in a neat haphazard conical pile, atop of which is sign made of brown ordinary corrugated cardboard, with a faint arrow pointing right. This sole sign marks the fact that this is pile of tires is actually a roundabout. Keep right.  Oh but I left off the bit about the taxi making a loud “Pop!” Then steam. At a light on the way out of town. He is one of my favorite ever taxi drivers and he negotiated the next taxi guy for us (myself and my colleagues, MM and Cindy) to take us to East Legon and apparently, beyond, in search of Tet Beads. It took a couple of passes past this “Barbering” shop sign, and finally Mr. Tettah meeting us on the “road” side. Don’t forget to add the chickens, colorful drying laundry, buck naked girls (long and lean, maybe 9, 10, 11) taking their bucket baths, a few brick one room houses/chop shops, and the scene will be complete. These buttons, beads, and baubles are made from recycled glass on the premises. How much would you pay for five glass buttons made from recycled glass?

National holiday tomorrow—Ghana and Jeff are both 53! And today is the 4th Anniversary of Barbara’s final departure from her body. Hmmm. She certainly hasn’t left my side. She circles around my dreams in such a real way that I have to ask her,

“Wait, I thought you died. Are you alive or dead?” I miss Barbara a lot. Especially when I am seeing things I always dreamed of seeing and having that unconditional audience. She would also have known what to buy and how to pay for my fabric habit. Some of the smells would have made her gag and let me tell you, she would have been the best dressed, most colorful 40 Oaker you ever did see. I love you Mama.

Our Lady of the Beads

beads baubles buttons

Close ups