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I promised pictures of the baby turtles. They are Olive Ridley turtles. I ‘ve included a picture of what they will look like when they are full grown. Pretty amazing, eh? Fanta and Philippe employ a guard to patrol the beach at night. If a turtle comes to lay her eggs, the guard wakes them up so they can put the wooden box you see in the pictures over her nest. This prevents critters—including their 3 dogs, 5 puppies, and piglet from digging up the eggs. A few days after the turtles hatch, Fanta and Phillippe have these men dig up the nests to help any hatchlings, like the ones in the picture make it out, and then they clean out the nests for the next turtle.  They rebury the hatchlings so they can extract themselves like their brothers and sisters. They put them back in the box, put in a layer of wet sand, and then cover it with dry sand. If the nests are not cleaned out they get infected with bacteria. We are told the next batch are due February 27 or 28. (A 50 day cycle). A giant leatherback laid 50 eggs the Wednesday before were there…hmmmm…we may just need to take some sick days to make sure we don’t miss the event.

OMG, can’t even remember a thing about last week. Sarah had a basketball game—they played a club team and got smacked—26 to 63. Sarah was the high scorer with 10 points. Allegra is having 6th grade issues, mostly getting paired with the clumsiest and shortest boy as her dance partner in the play. We (Jeff and I) went to a lovely dinner party Friday night at Lisa and Bamba’s whom we met at Fanta’s. Lisa is with USAID and from Minnesota, Bamba is the “trailing spouse,” and is from Senegal where they met. They have two lovely boys, 6th grade and 8th grade. Bamba has a Phd in Phyiscal Therapy, and is also very active in agriculture and even did a course three years ago studying dry farming in Israel. This is their second tour in Ghana, in between a tour in Senegal and South Africa. Bamba wasn’t too impressed when they were in SA needing the plumbing fixed in their house and the plumber came and asked, “Is the Master at home?” Another couple who arrived in August like us, both from the US and with USAID, whose tours up to the this point were mostly in Indonesia, said Jakarta makes Accra look eco-friendly. What! Yup, a determined colleague rode his bike to work with a full on gas mask and swimming was impossible due to the amount of plastic in the sea. They also did a “bk married” tour with Peace Corps in Papua New Guinea. I had no idea Papua New Guinea was the largest island in the world. (Australia is a continent). The fourth couple, a wife and “trailing spouse (retired) were exiles from Iran (perhaps 40 years ago—both were in their mid teens when they left) and also with USAID. I had introduced Bamba to the term “leftie lou,” at Fanta’s, which then he applied to our gathering. So as you can imagine, the conversation was lively, from alternate realities and definitions of time, to why is it that if the world is shrinking and we are becoming closer to globalization, then why is it (as Bamba predicted from his young adulthood) that we haven’t had more of a global religious melding? In fact, we have been stratified even more (my two cents)

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. We have our conclusions, and if you are curious, we are entertaining written requests. (hint-hint)

We rounded Saturday with a garden party hosted by a CARE family (Mom is CARE, dad is “trailing spouse.”) I talked to a woman from Cameroon, a Finnish woman, the hostess, Marcy, her husband, Steve, Jana whose husband is the first Marine Attache in Ghana (both Jewish), an amazing

Typical Olive Ridley Size

woman I met once before from Rwanda who is here with family recovering and looking for a peaceful place as “plan B” if they cannot return, and Paul, a US Embassy doc whose expertise is Malaria abatement, and whom we found out was one of the early “Let’s Go Eygpt,” authors in his Harvard days. (He is formerly the West African Peace Corp Doc) Jeff spoke to the Marine Attache, Paul, Marcy (hostess), Steve (he does a lot of Ag research), and Mike, the newly appointed head of Peace Corps, Ghana. Marcy floored me with her humbleness when she said about her recent promotion and impending move to Geneva, “I never thought I when I was growing that I would live in Europe!”

Allegra and Bacon, I mean, Ms. Piggy

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So that is the week’s wrap up folks, unless you care to hear about my fabric shopping trip with two of the older, single women on staff. Peace out, Amy

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