The bus "station"

For the majority of the “filling” time, there have been more Kai-yi-yo than passengers: “Red ones”, juice, water, biscuits, MTN, Tigo, (phone cards), plantain, cold drinks, handkerchiefs (2-5000 (0.33 cents)), cooked rice with sauce, [shampoo, deodorant, perfume, cigars, gel, shaving cream–all one seller)], bread, chocolate x 2, underwear (!), apples and grapes, all on a 48 passenger bus. Let me Explain.


We are taking the private air-conditioned bus line to Takoradi, the same beginning route to our trip to Axim, a supposedly 3.5 hour trip west along the beach road. Only our first trip was a state bus, on a fixed schedule in which we had to buy tickets the day before to guarantee the seats–which is no picnic to take a taxi to the “station” and back through 45 minute traffic there and 45 minutes back (if you are lucky).  Today we decided to take the private line, an entire 0.33 cents less expensive, however, with this line, you leave when the bus is full. That could be 20 minutes, nah, 45 minutes, one hour, or…more. We lucked out, in 45 minutes we were on our way. (Can you imagine getting on the Greyhound in Santa Rosa heading for Reno and the bus only leaves when EVERY single seat is occupied?) LOL!!!) For the 48 seat bus (Only the preacher is allowed to stand for the 1.5 hour sermon he delivers–at least G-d sent this one to us without a megaphone) and at least the Nigerian soap operas are not blasting out of the mini t.v.s.

Kai-yi-yo (not kikiyo as I said previously) is the Twi name for those who sell goods from wooden boxes and plastic and aluminum tubs atop their heads. Have you ever carried a cooler (my Australian friend calls them “chilly boxes. (I swear you need an english dictionary just to understand an Aussie)) full of beer or soda or your lunch? They are heavy, and some, like ours, have this nifty handle and wheels. Now imagine carrying a tub full of at least 30 cans and bottles of soda and juice on the top of your head! OY! (And I lied, as soon as the preacher stepped off, the Nigerian Soaps started–half of the show takes place in the tribal chiefdom with big people dressed in traditional Kente cloth wearing shells carrying spears and speaking heatedly about some issue in Twi with subtitles in english, the other half of the time is large people in modern suburbs in Accra having marital problems.) ( And I forgot to mention that the entire time the preacher was giving his sermon, Mr. Bean was doing his ridiculous antics on the mini-screens–talk about surreal…)

Total transport to destination: 2 taxis, one bus, 1/2 mile walk, and a 2 minute drive in reverse in resort owners 4WD

Total number of naps: 2 each

Total cost: $40

Favorite sign: Good Jesus Enterprises

Total time 7.5 hours

Total distance from house in Accra: 150 kilometers–about 100 miles.

Pictures from resort next. We saw hatchling turtles!

Cheers, Amy


Kaneshi Market Scene