Grrr. I (Amy) am in a horrible mood. Every obstacle is an opportunity has been my motto of late, and now I’m worn down to swearing. NO water since Saturday morning at 7:15. We’ve been hosting two girls from Bukina Faso since Wednesday. Nice girls. An eighth grader from France, a tenth grader from Burkina. Both oldest of three—a big help. However, that has meant four (count them) gluten-free dinners, four gluten-free breakfasts, and several glutten-free snacks. Allegra is out of her room—in our bed with Jeff. I am sharing Sarah’s Bed. Two of us have bad tummies and we’ve drained the tank. On to the neighbors for pales of water.  (Monday 10 am—we’ve learned that there is a break in the main water line in Accra. No trucks are travelling with water, and when they do start moving, it will be to the highest briber. )

We have been in Accra now for weeks without leaving. Sarah has been researching for MUN non-stop for weeks. Basketball and UN resolutions, and little sleep. It is 1:15pm and Sarah is out of bed for the first time today. Good for her.

The air is sticky, too sticky to be outside much. We are surviving on nighttime runs, early morning swims, the discovery of tofu at a local market, and the new-to-us BBC Series, “Foyle’s War,” set in England during WW II. It is a cross between Murder She Wrote and Columbo. 90 uninterrupted minutes—even the girls get involved.

Allegra lives for dance practice for the play, Facebook, and Science. Jeff is on to the countdown until we hit first world soil, me, eh, writing the blog, sewing, tutoring, and dreaming of the exploring I’ll get to do when it cools off in March/April. Jeff’s best geek friend got deported back to Israel, I can still here is unusual way of string words with a heavy accent and his exuberance. We all miss him. Hopefully he’ll find his way back before too long.

What do you want to know? About the lizards? About the bats? About the goats? About the ky-ky-o (head carrying salespeople)? About who is here and what they are working on? About Lurch, our guard? About the sleeping people all across Accra?