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From Sunday 17 January, 2010

Today is one of those days that make the days when you have electricity, tap water AND drinking water precious. It is hotter than the dickens out there and I swear the girls haven’t been out of the house in the last 48 hours. They are getting their ya-yas out by screaming and singing.

The Internet at school was out all week, a long and involved drama that kept Jeff at school late, answering the phone until 10pm and rushing out of the house before 6:30am. Then, when the Internet was restored, semi-permanently (whatever that means—I am sure Jeff will explain) on Friday afternoon, we all went home to collapse. Sarah was finishing her first week on the varsity basketball team, Allegra got home from an overnight with her class, Jeff was just plumb tuckered, and I, having had meeting after meeting and trying to let Jeff concentrate on “Signal Gate” was pretty tired myself. This extraordinary thunder, lightning, and rainstorm came out of nowhere (thank goodness we declined an evening out) just before dark. It lasted about 20 minutes. Loud crashes and an amazing amount of rain, over an inch! About 30 minutes later, we were all in the dark. I don’t know if the storm triggered it, or it was planned, but everyone in our neighborhood knew that there was going to be a rolling black out in the neighboring communities this weekend, except us.

These are the kind of weekends that the phone does not vibrate, that you can’t even figure out how to get unstuck. (Imagine no traffic lights and no traffic cops with already rogue drivers—there were at least two crashes that we saw the damaged vehicles from at our junction. (what one calls a four way stoplight in Ghana) (I handled the chaos mighty maturely. I just went to bed at 8:30pm each night!) (The roar of the generator from Allegra’s room nearly had me taking a hammer to the thing—but then we’d have no pump to flush the toilet).

We were very thankful to have water of both varieties.

Jeff and I managed to be outside and have three (count them, 1-2-3) mini-dates despite the heat. First, Saturday morning, we rode our bikes to the mall—one of Jeff’s favorite rides. It is not his favorite because it is particularly beautiful, but because of the pure freedom one feels being independent and not stuck in traffic. We actually got a few things taken care of at the bank in a timely manner and partook of the free drinking water in the bank lobby; very civilized. (Not the way we looked though—we sort of forgot about the storm and the “short cut” Jeff took me through had two inches of red clay/mud stuck on my tires which then got splattered across my legs and as far up as my shoulders. Plus I was sweating with the beads dribbling off my chin as if I were teething—Gobs—not very attractive). We bought our groceries and bicycle chain grease, packed up our backpacks and headed home. With no plans for Saturday night for any of us, Jeff and I had a running date at 6pm. It was lovely. A little boy yelled out “Hello White Man!” And many a folk had a good chuckle. Home at 7pm hot and sweaty, I made a delicious spaghetti sauce from the ground chicken I had purchased earlier, plus fresh basil, zucchini (don’t tell the kids), carrots, garlic, the usual and salad. I haven’t a clue what happened after that—I went to bed (after the dishes and all, as Jeff had already crashed out!)

Sunday morning I woke up first and accomplished 42 minutes of yoga. Jeff and I left early for a photo trip around the hood by bike. I’ve never had the chance to say, “stop, take that picture!” any time I wanted before. If you’ve never had the opportunity, I highly recommend it as a birthday coupon from your spouse or kids or friend.

With sweat once again dripping down my chin, we rode over some tough terrain, even though we were two or three blocks from the house! We couldn’t even lure the kids out of the house when we returned at 9:30 am with promises of breakfast out on the deck at the top of the Mainland. Too much sun out there, too little electricity anywhere, and too little hope of anywhere being any cooler than home. I immediately dialed and reserved rooms at Fanta’s  Folly, (or see blog roll)’sfollybeacheng.html for the long weekend in February, we all need something to look forward to.

A new week with hopes of a few swims, a few good stories, grades to calculate, narratives to write, and the next best thing to discover. Xoxox A And Pictures soon!

I don't think I ever published Twins Day