Hi Ya All,

So here we are back in Ghana trying to avoid all manner of school work. Grade some papers, go to Richester for a swim, organize your calendar, make Shabbat dinner, plan a semester, make a baby blanket, and then of course, there is always running off to school to work and writing all of you instead (shhhhh). The most important item of the day is posting the link to Jeff’s movie about our trip to South Africa.


It is brilliant of course. It is only 2.5 hours long, only kidding! It is quick and has a picture of Sarah in the hospital…if that doesn’t grab you nothing will. (It has been pain-stakingly edited to make sure there are equal numbers of pictures of Sarah and Allegra.) So what do I notice/experience being back? Hmmmm…I still have the most interactions with guards, shop keepers, vegetable sellers, and other pedestrian folk. It is hot and humid. I love making something from nothing, like having our Ghanaian neighbors over for lunch and serving Black-eyed Pea and Corn Salad, green salad, and pita bread the day (!) 0f our return, and watching their 1 and 4 year old girls SHOVEL salad in as fast as their mom could keep up (the four year old did it herself), the next night it was the young Jews over for Shabbat and I served “build your own pizzas” on pita bread, three bean salad (fresh green beans) and root veggie salad and the next night (!!!) it was chicken Korma (thanks jar of Korma sauce), green papaya salad and a real treat: Collard Greens Salad. Not the typical Ghanaian fare, but all food available here. This morning it was Latkas and applesauce for the girls and then for Jeff and I, potato, zucchini, and carrot latkas. Nothing is ready made to eat here (thank goodness for canned beans). Sarah and I shopped at one of the large grocery stores and I paid about $12.50 lb for regular ol’ cheddar cheese–we got out of there for $150, and I forgot milk and that didn’t include any fruits or vegetables. (Those are cheap remember–this week’s list: 2 papaya, one large pineapple, 4 chili peppers, cabbage, two bunches of carrots, 3 cucumbers, bunch spring onions, three beets, three sweet potatoes, and a few springs of mint: $8) I miss the whole wheat berry bread in South Africa, and am happy to have the head-top venders back in the neighborhood for fresh doughy, sweet bread in the morning.

I am leaving you with a few signs around town. More soon. xoxoxo Amy

Typical Barber Shop

Shoe Repair

Road Side