Leggy Lou many, many shaky feet above the forest floor

Very typical village scene, town after town

Self exlanatory

On the way home, perhaps a dowry gift?

Very Little

Don't let either pretty package on the outside fool you!!!

Hi All,

It has been a crazy time here at the Zimmer-Diamond life. School was closed from 20th November until 1st December for an H1N1 quarantine. We were “e-learning” and pretty much glued to our computers for 9+ hours per day. Jeff was in charge of getting all the classes to have a mail ring, training the staff, and fielding parent inquiries. All teachers were to be on campus from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm everyday, plus we had to keep our girls up with all their work–much of it computer dependent–without internet access at home. Now add heat, no car, no TV, no computer at home during the school hours that we needed them, the fact that the students were not allowed to congregate, and you get tedium real quick. Our mantra of late has been, “Be positive, think positive, attract positive.” It was pretty cool to interact with the students one-on-one online, AND, Allegra’s (and mine) swim tournament was canceled (Nigeria), winter concert rescheduled for January, another big volleyball tournament canceled, no service trips, Allegra’s sea turtle trip was cancelled, too many birthday parties canceled, and too many things to remember. Teaching was a fit and start proposition–first it was H1N1, then Thanksgiving, then Farmer’s Day (a national holiday) and a rhythm was just hard to get going. So much to teach and so little, little time. We made up for it with a last week before vacation with lots of teachers against students sporting events…that was fun.

I am going to post these pictures with captions, more than I am going to write about daily life here. It has just been so crazy. I’m off to make salad for a third night of Chanukkah party, and brownies for holiday gift for our neighbors. Oh, and packing for South Africa!

Safari Beach, western, western Ghana

Blessings to you all for a fabulous and much deserved rest and a joyous new year. A