I walked to this overpass

to get on this tro-tro that looked a billion times older

To go here

I played a little hooky Thursday morning–not really, because I didn’t have to teach until 1:25pm.

My friend, Molly, invited me to join her on a tro-tro to go to Makola Market. (The largest market in central Accra). I loved the entire experience! The tro-tro was delightful (esp. if you leave at 9am–they don’t leave the stop until they are full–it took about 45 seconds). We each had an entire “one” seat to ourselves (I mean three across for three across, instead of, say, 6 people across for a three person seat.) She knew how to catch the correct one–I couldn’t see on distinguishing feature on any of them. We go there with very no drama (!) and after asking 2-3 vendors for directions, entered the market. Most of the lanes were about my width apart–try passing when most Ghanaian women at the market are NOT my size (Molly is my size). It was early enough that we had the place pretty much to ourselves. You can imagine…stall after stall after stall of habinaro peppers, stall after stall of fabric, stall after stall of yellow eggplants, stall after stall buckets, underwear, rice, beans, dried fish, pig’s feet, cleaning supplies, spices…steam rising here and there from someone cooking over a one burner propane stove, big gourds of iced coffee looking stuff, women sleeping next to a truck, babies, men sewing, sewing, sewing, a loud speaker of whomever was giving the latest sermon in twi on the loudspeaker. Yeah, so I bought exactly four cucumbers and 2 yards of red ribbon. (Aunt Nancy–I did find thread, zippers, and even saw a little bit of embroidery floss). On the way out, I bought one piece of batik. Back out on the street, Molly had gotten oriented by then, and we easily caught the correct tro-tro back to Abelempke, and I was home by 11:18! Hot and sweaty to be sure, but we a giant smile on my face and a ready desire to try again.

Oh by the way…our school has been quarantined by the school board and the Ghana health department…no student contact until Nov. 30. Teachers have to report for work from 8-10am and Jeff is coordinating everyone to be ready to comply with our distance learning plan for the next week. Yeah, I am so sure all 63 of my students will be beating down my chat door at that hour! It is all sort of exciting and different. Jeff got the entire staff online with email groups for each class in about 0ne hour (all 67 teachers in three cohorts). Sarah will return to school as a 15 year old. Can you all believe it is Thanksgiving already? (We will only lose 5 school days for a 10 day closure). More soon, as always! Shabbat Shalom! Amy and gang