OyVey, that took forever and it is yucky quality to boot. Sooo Sorry!

Thank you for all your comments! If I wasn’t such a dork, I would respond to them–but I am not sure how, and as I just spent nearly a hour uploading one crappy picture, I’m going to go straight to the writing. (Oh, and I am going to make my family all respond to the same prompt and I am going to post more pictures of my campus life–but use a a more familiar photo processing program).


  • White cotton shabby chic sheets from Target (see crappy photo)
  • Tazo Awake and Lipton’s teas and lots of it
  • VOA (Voice of America Radio)
  • Facebook, yahoo, and Google
  • Tigo (our cell phone service) “top up” (scratch off card you purchase from a guy while stopped at a traffic light that you scratch off to access a code to put into your phone to “reload” for minutes) bonus minutes to call US for free
  • 7th grader hugs
  • sewing machine and plenty of embroidery thread
  • Bananas and avocados
  • Toby
  • Jeff, Allegra, and Sarah
  • Toby
  • South African wine
  • Ghanaian smiles
  • Crows hackling in the morning, seeing lizards and frogs (seeing crows on the other hand is not so comforting or pleasant)
  • Rosetta
  • Elizabeth and Jeff
  • Noeline
  • Toby
  • crossword puzzles I tore out of a book before leaving home
  • Toby, Toby, Toby


  • Podcasts of This American Life, Market Place, and Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me
  • Not having a car
  • Well stocked school library
  • Copy center with 2 minute turn around time
  • Grade level meetings about individual kids
  • Parents who ask how you are doing
  • Bats
  • Noeline (our housekeeper and cook)
  • Inexpensive taxis
  • Structured time to work with colleagues on specific curriculum tasks
  • Front loading washer and dryer in our house
  • Pineapple and Papaya and Mango (in season)


  • Toby
  • Not having a car
  • Taxis
  • Heat
  • Mosquito netting
  • Darkness at 6pm
  • Ugly birds
  • Expensive food
  • No card playing couples
  • Dirty feet ALL the time
  • Locked Gate to enter/exit your house
  • Water tanks instead of city water or wells
  • Report cards
  • Time difference
  • Knowing too much

Love you all, Amy