You know what a cool thing about living in a temperate climate is? That you can take a shower at 10:30 pm, turn off the shower while you soap up and not be cold (one little bit) and not care one wit what the water temperature is when you turn the faucet back on. Have we told you about our showers yet? The ones with no walls or curtains? Where the toilet seat is always wet, and one wrong move and you’ve soaked every towel, toothbrush, hairbrush, and the entire contents of the garbage can. (Pish tosh, who needs a bathroom cabinet? Pedestal sinks are in vogue and a plastic tub resting on the garbage basket works beautifully to hold: creams, toothbrush, tooth paste, hairbrush, hair ties, nose drops, ear drops, curling gel, tums, aspirin, thermometer. Water never killed anything—except for the wicked witch of the east. And our first thermometer.)

Last trip to the veggie stand—a new one about 1 or so miles from school: two bunches of green onions, two med small eggplants, 4 carrots, 3 beets, 1 small head of cauliflower, three papayas, two oranges, 6-8 tomatoes, a pineapple, 6-9 small heads of lettuce, 4 cucumbers,  a kilo of potatoes, a bunch of freshly picked cilantro (picked to order ) and the most huge bag of picked to order fresh basil—ever! Total cost: 18 Cedis–$12.

All of a sudden, the Jews are pouring in and now we have two invites for Rosh Hashonah. We will accept the first–the “holiday” Jews and take a rain check from the Israelis. (Israeli Jew wanted to know why we make such a big deal of the holidays…)

Toby rolled in poo, so I was all red faced when I got to class yesterday because I had to bike fast because I had to wash Toby–which wasn’t what I had allocated time for…Sarah made varsity volleyball–she looks beautiful out there…Allegra had her first swim practice. She did great (I, as the coach, am showing NO favoritism). We got AC in our study. I still like when we are all in the livingroom–me working, Jeff reading or playing the guitar, Allegra and Sarah fighting over the guitar or the phone…

Needing to make decision about S. Africa over winter break, like yesterday…

xo A