Dear Dottie and Dac,

Toby after a long lizard chase

Toby after a long lizard chase

I really miss you guys. Even though the two of you used to ignore me most of the time I knew that you liked to have me around. There are no cats in Ghana that I have seen since arriving. I told Jeff and Amy to be careful of the meat they were eating but I don’t think they really understand dog talk.

Anyway, life here is surprisingly good. There are actually quite a few things that I like more than at home. While I do miss being able to chase the UPS truck there are lots of diversions here that I never had at home. For one thing, the smells. There are so many fantastic strong odors here. Did you know that there are open sewers on many of the streets in our neighborhood? It is so aromatic! And another thing. I had no idea how many different types of lizards and frogs could live in a a major city. I am mesmerized by them and spend as much time chasing them as I can. I admit it has gotten me in trouble. Jeff, who is a bit of a control freak, expects me to come when he calls me. Imagine that. It’s not like his daughters or wife listen to him any better than me, but I guess he tries to play the “man’s best friend” card with me. I will not be guilt-tripped into obedience especially with all the new diversions I have discovered since moving to Ghana.

So my cool cat friends. That is all for now. I do look forward to seeing you all next summer. So for now. Ciao

Your canine companion,