It is 5:50 am and there is the lovely sound of rain. I am loving  (wow, love twice in the first line) waking early. Too bad the pool doesn’t open until 9am on Saturday. (Yah of course I can hardly stay awake until 10pm).  I admit, at first I was disappointed by our house. It was a bit shabby. Now, I love it! I like the white, I like the large rooms, I like all the doors, I like the air conditioning, I like our beautiful mosquito nets hugging our beds, I like my mattress—hard pack foam, I like our couches (also hard pack foam—we just need a whole other set—which we cannot afford at the moment), I like my electric kettle, I like instant electric hot water heaters, I like that I don’t have to keep the floors clean (that magically happens three times per week when Noeline is here), I like that there is a whole other room we haven’t even hung out in yet, I just discovered that I really like our covered patio in front, I like that Toby can’t dig under the cinder block fence and escape (yah, so what if it is 7 feet high and topped with two feet of bobbed wire), I like having a guard (s), I LOVE being close to school/work/pool/internet connection/vegetable stand/taxis/in a quiet neighborhood that shelters us for a few blocks from real hardcore city life…Blog interruptis. Oh Well. Did some school work, walked down to campus to internet with Jeff, ran three miles, walked backed to school with Jeff and girls to internet and swim. Lunch, Dessert going adventure with a two taxi ride to get to ATM. No Obama material scored yet, just 6 metres of lovely batik and $60 worth of trashy bags. (check out Trashy Bags, ghana). xoxox Amygecko-1