I feel bad posting without any new pictures. We’ve discovered the women, who at 6am, start walking the neighborhood with fresh warm rolls on their heads. You stop them, they take their empty bucket and turn it over and sit on it. How many you want?20 peswas each (about 0.15) –big fluffy, white, a bit sweet. YUM. You can have cheese or butter or “ground nut” `(peanut butter) on them. They are especially wonderful when your tummy is off–like mine. Today I went early to a Ghanian department store–from flat screen tv’s to deodorant, not unlike a Target, BUT WAY funkier. I have gotten into the habit of carrying around a notebook to try to find my way back to places of interest. Anyways, I was lucky because in the Melcolm dept. store, I needed to go! Ghanian style public toilets have no toilet seats (no biggie) and no toilet paper–BIGGIE. I owe a lot to my yellow legal pad…

Bike shopping today and a bit of photo explore. Cool weather and little rain (yeh, like 80 degrees).

xoxo Amy