our adventure africa style!!

Labadi BeachHere is a start. Today is about the smells and sounds. Tock, Tock, Tock is a man banging the side of wooden box to call attention to whatever he does or whatever is inside–maybe handyman tools, maybe something to buy to eat like peanuts. (women carry large trays of peanuts to purchase on their heads). Urp, Urp, Urp is the sound of the yet-to-be-seen frogs just down the road. Toot, toot is the sound of a taxi or tro-tro asking if you need a ride. Awah, Salaam, blah, blah is thCommon Sighte sound coming from the mosque to call people to prayer. “Oboni!” is when someone wants our attention (white person).

On to smells. Mostly of heavy chemicals as the school is being painted and holes are being replastered or carpeting is being put in. Then there is mold smell. Yuck. Sometimes it is burning. Sometimes it is chlorine from using Milton–a sterilization liquid for plates and vegetables. Today I met our Ghanan neighbors: Rosette and her 14mos. old Valencia. Our first purchaseYay! Now it is on to have some blood drawn to get a work permit and an adventure to find some paint to dress up our wardrobe doors. More soon! xo Amy