Just a tad jetlagged

Just a tad jetlagged


Hi From LCS,


We arrived just fine–all bags and all people and one dog–one dog who may or may not have been approved. After some pointing at the “international certificate of health,” for Toby, we were finally allowed to pass through. Did I tell you we got up-graded to Business-Elite class? Crazy. We could get totally prone, watch movies, get lots of yummy snacks, and drink complimentary mamosas. Not B.A.D. (We told the kids NOT to get used to this). Needless to say, flight was great.

So far we ate one really bad meal out–all fried, but the pineapple orange juice was cold and fabulous. We were greated with a huge basket of fruit–mangos, pineapple, bananas, apples, oranges to sustain us. 

We are using the MAC lab at the moment–and are happy to be up and running. Not much else to report yet. The yard of house needs lots of work. Our day guard is Prosper–a very nice young man. We are waiting to go shopping, for the usual stuff so far–tp, bucket, mop, toilet bowl scrubber–you know, important stuff. 

The school personnel have been fabulous. And all the people at the airport were friendly and nice. It nearly made me cry to be in a plane full of such beautiful and warm people. Very charming. The guards at the school this morning wanted to know, “where is Toby?” So far he has been scooting under all the bushes chasing lizards.

Lots of love to you all!

xo A