T-6 Jeez. I know there is a lot to be done yet, but what? Where do we start? Saturday, too busy of a day to rent the carpet shampooer–Should I prune, pack, or party?

Jeff has been running around with a ladder (finally) repairing all of the burned out light bulbs. Isn’t it funny, how our house will be the best it’s been in years, and it will look so sparkly and spiffy, we just may want to stay? (Not to mention we have WAY too much food in our fridge for a family leaving in 6 days…Trader Joe’s pizza anyone?)

And I just discovered sergers. Why hasn’t anyone told me about this lovely machine before? They will still be on Craig’s list in two years, right? Now my head is swimming with projects that I could love, and with only one thrifting weekend left before we leave, I couldn’t possibly collect all the goodies and sew them together before we go, sigh.

Anyone have any brilliant tricks to get a dog to love a soft plastic teeny tiny “hotel” between now and 6 days from now? It has had bacon, cheese, and salami hidden in it. Allegra’s jacket that he loves to sleep on is in there. He’s pretty good at getting the goods without hanging out in there. I think I’ll zip him in and make everyone leave the house for a bit.

We had our last Shabbat dinner at home last night for a good long while. 6 kids, 6 adults, enough plates and forks and cups–phew. The grill and rice cooker came in handily. We played “who could name the most countries in Africa?” Eric immediately cheated and went straight to his iphone. Jonas was first, I think with 29, then Mandy (no fair, she grew up in South Africa), then a three way end tie with 24 countries by Jenn, Jeff, and myself! Before I give you our list, how many can you name??? NO cheating!!!!

I think I’ll pack a suitcase (we’ve got two 50 pounders already) and then go for a swim. Prize for the winner–on your honor, of course.