Where have all the pictures gone?

Where have all the pictures gone?

T-23. Yikes. I just bought our Harry Potter 6 tickets for the Tuesday night (?) 12 am show on July 15th ( Anyone want to join us?)

So we get a call on Monday afternoon from our “packers” asking the final “receiving date” for our cargo to get to the shipper. Uh, Tuesday at noon remember? You said it would be there by Thursday. No problem, no problem.  Ship Smart did make the deadline for our goods to get from being “palettized”  in San Leandro (Ship Smart’s responsibility) to Econocribe in Oakland, we hold our breath that our 2 cubic meters of C.R.A.P. get to San Diego so they can be trucked to Houston to head out on a boat to Tema, Ghana (Econocaribe’s responsibility). Who would of thunk it that there is a weekly sailing from Houston to Tema? How much stuff can one small country possibly need–especially of our kind? Hmmm…hopefully lots of medical supplies and good quality food.

All of a sudden the two cats and one dog are best buds. They are out in the corner of the property under the plum shade playing, “Homeward Bound.” What happened to the cat fights and ignoring the dog? (With the exception of Dac (the polydactyl cat) that lords over Toby’s (the chi) water bowl–not drinking, just hovering above it.) We took Dac to the Zigler’s for a trial run (to join her son’s desert tortoise and her daughter’s boyfriend’s two Bearded Dragon iguanas. (Pet Hotel Zigler) Not to mention the neighbor’s cat who practically lives under the berry bushes.) Dac thought it was okay–he did purr and check out Brad’s corner of the great room. Next time we bring tuna water. (How come the cats ALWAYS know something is up? What’s up with that?)

Last night I dreamt that the living quarters were “dorm” style–ratty and funky with small kitchens and taped up mattresses. I was rooming in the singles dorm with three college students. I was like, “Hey, I’m with a family, don’t we get an apartment too?” (One of those girls just HAS to play a dice game with another of the roommates. Darn them! Can’t a girl get any sleep?)

You know we stop in New York for 4 days on the way, right? We are taking our kids from a fairly rural setting, having sold their trampoline and drained the hot tub, to visit Auntie Shelley and Uncle Richie whose vocabulary excludes the word, NO. There will be a swimming pool and a screening room, abundant clean water, air conditioning, bagels, lox, and cream cheese, internet access, cable, and maybe even some shopping or spa-kind of stuff. Then we jump on a plane–direct to Accra, Ghana. Timing is everything don’t you think?

Gotta go wrap another fragile thingajiggie and tape together another box. (Sarah, her friend, Jasmine, and I did sneak into San Francisco for a few hours to shop and look around with Auntie Nancy. She spoiled us rotten. (You should have seen Sarah’s eyes: Hollister, American Eagle, Abecrombie, Pac Sun, Nordtrom’s, Bloomingdales…what is a girl going to do in Ghana?) (Wouldn’t that be cool if Sarah came home in Batiks?) (Thank goodness Aunt Nancy brought me a care package of elastic and notions for the shipment–you know, just in case, Sarah decides she will go native.)

I also forgot: Extra: Excedrin, Advil, Aleve, Tylenol, and most importantly…TUMS.