July 3rd

It was so nice of all of Sebastopol to send us off with such fanfare–and the fireworks–oh my! (Only joking). It was great to be at the Analy field in our hood, watching our fireworks with our friends. Felt like, well, home.

So the count down is official, in a little more than one hour, it will be 27 days until our departure. And where are we at? I forgot to pack: toothpaste, deoderant, and my Aveeno facial night cream. And in my closet, I found two pieces of art work I bought from a Windsor High School student on Fine Arts Night to take with me. And that is what I know I forgot…so far. I kept out the vegetable peeler because Sarah can’t live without at least one cucumber per day. However, I did pack the can opener and cheese slicer. Sigh. Can we get the yard finished, the porch and deck stained, and the carpets cleaned before we go? Want to make wagers? And what are the odds on the dog? (After he had a fit of barking at phantoms today?)

Picked the girls up from camp today. Sarah wonders if I packed ALL of her dresses. No I say–you packed them all for camp, remember? Allegra is on EBAY looking for Polly Pockets and asking if she can make bids. We are MOVING! The shipment left, remember…two suitcases, 50lbs maximum–that inclues one towel, one sheet, your pillow, and one blanket each…remember?

It is horrible to have to leave to get to spend real quality time with friends and family. And it is wonderful too to get to spend REAL quality time with friends and family. A trip to San Francisco, a trip to  the public day at Berkeley’s marine lab in Bodega, and, and, and…definitely no more Legacy trips and NO more shopping…(that’s it, we have what we have!) are a few items left on the wish list before we go.

What last trips would you include? Hug a redwood? Suck in as much fog as possible?

And of course, you all are welcome to join us July 15 at midnight (the night of the 14th for us normal people) for the opening of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Picture for this post to come…